Attic insulation work

Carrying out a renovation of the insulation of the house costs more or less depending on the area and the choice of insulation. You should know that you cannot determine exactly the rates of thermal insulation unless you call a professional to make an attic insulation quote.

Budgets to be provided for attic insulation

Insulating different parts of the house does not require the same budget. The latter will depend on the difficulty of the operation but also the price of the insulation. The specifications of an insulation are therefore relative and depend on the work to be done. However, here are some approximate amounts for an insulation renovation. If you want to renovate your lost or converted attic, the work can cost about 1500 euros to its owner unless the size of the attic is less wide. In this case, the cost can be reduced. And for wall insulation, it will cost about 1000 to 2000 euros depending on the size of the wall. If, on the other hand, you opt for complete insulation of the inside and outside, it can cost more than 8000 euros. These amounts are approximate because many factors can affect the costs of interior insulation of a roof.

Why entrust attic insulation work to a professional?

Attic insulation is work that requires the know-how of specialists. When it is carried out by a professional craftsman, he offers an exact attic insulation quote to his customers. Thanks to the professionalism of a renovation agency, the installation of insulation is done quickly and we benefit from a precise service. If you decide to do it yourself, it can cause defects in the installation. The risks are too great if you choose to install the insulation yourself. This can lead to damage to all structures from floor to frame. Installing attic insulation is in this case a delicate operation that requires experience and meticulousness. This is why do not hesitate to go through a professional installer. The quality of the finishes is paramount, because a simple gap of one centimeter between two panels, or rollers, can affect the effectiveness of the insulation.

The best attic insulation

To successfully insulate the attic, it is important to choose the appropriate insulation. It should be noted that each insulation has its own characteristics and must therefore be used in relation to their specificity. There are several types of thermal insulation. Rock wool is more efficient than others in terms of thermal insulation, especially for the attic. We also have natural insulators which are cork, wood wool, sheep's wool, flax fibers, cotton wool, straw, green roof,… which can also improve heat conservation in the attic. Subsequently, one can also opt for synthetic insulation. Examples include extruded, polyurethane, phenolic foam and polystyrene insulation to insulate lost attics.

Once the work is done, arrange your attic!

There are several ways to arrange your attic. Once the attic is restored and arranged, it can become a workshop or a living room, see a bedroom. For good comfort, it will be necessary to add attic equipment and accessories. For example, a solid attic access ladder. Storage furniture, light, chandelier or spotlight. The panoply of office equipment and furniture…  

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