Change the windows and shutters of your house with what materials?

There will come a day when it will become inevitable to change your windows or replace your shutters. By the force of time they wear out and lose in quality of performance, in addition, trends change and it could be that the windows you had chosen 10 years ago no longer please you, regardless of the cause of the change, it is important to know how to take into account all the determining factors of a window replacement: size, material etc….

What are the best materials for a window?

There are many materials that can suit a window and in order to make the right choice it is necessary to know the appearance but also the characteristics.

  • Aluminum windows: Aluminum windows are modern, blend in with walls and offer a wide range of different colors. They are perfect for large sliding windows.

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  • PVC windows: These are the cheapest windows. They offer good thermal and sound insulation and require almost no maintenance.
  • Wooden windows: Wood is a natural, sober and warm material. However, it requires a lot of maintenance in order to preserve it against water and insects.
  • Mixed windows: They are becoming more and more popular, thanks to their elegant appearance and their powerful strength.

What is the role of

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