The 3 main welding processes

Just like professionals, an amateur handyman may also have to weld during work in his house. Everyone understands when it comes to welding, whether for:

  • Diy
  • Plumbing
  • Crafts

In short, welding consists of joining two pieces of metal that are heated so that they melt.However, there are several metals and applications that each require different equipment, as well as several workstations provided you use it properly.The process is widely used in bodywork, plumbing and even locksmithing. You will need a welding machine. We are going to talk about three types of electrical welding machines. The MIG, the TIG and the MMA position.

What are the main electric arc welding machines

Many technical terms refer to an electric arc welding machine or autogenous welding, so here are the 3 main ones. MMA, MIG and TIG positions Namely that the two main criteria for choosing welding are:

  • the thickness of the part to be welded, which depends on the diameter of the electrode to be used as filler metal
  • the intensity to be provided by the welding machine

All are variants of the same welding process: the welding arc.Note that there are many welding processes today.

The different uses of welding machines

We present below, the 3 types of welding machines most frequently used on the market, MMA, MIG, TIG as well as the techniques of use and their prices.

MMA or arc welding of the term Manuel Metal Arc

It is the most exploited and demanded system in DIY. It is a technique where the goal is to create a short circuit, which will lead to an electric arc and ultimately a very high heat that can reach 4500 ° C.

MMA welding

  • The electrode serves as a filler metal in the weld.
  • It allows welding by melting on the part to be welded.
  • It is really the "best" and to advise when you are just a beginner.

There are ultra-light MMA welding machines that can weld thicknesses from 2 to 10 mm with ease. Offering optimal comfort of use coupled with an undeniable ergonomics of energy.

Which users for the MMA welding machine?

  • Beginner
  • Mason
  • Boiler
  • workshop
  • Building site

What are the advantages of the MMA process?

The MMA type welding machine is a light station, which has no need for gas. The welding technique with coated electrode allows the welding of many grades of metals. It is known for its easy use in several fields.

MMA welding for what types of metals?

  • Steel
  • stainless steel
  • Iron

MIG welding (MAG) Gas inert metal and Active gas metal

Welding usually uses a continuous welding wire (semi-automatic welding) rather than a welding electrode. The welding technique creates an electric arc and mixes two processes, MIG and MAG, which uses an active shielding gas. Heavily used when looking for continuous welding, plus with high thickness of metal beads. It is equipped with a coil of so-called solid or solid wire in copper steel, or stainless steel which allows welding with a supply of neutral or active gas whose role is to protect the weld from corrosion.

Choosing the MIG is a guarantee to choose:

  • regularity in the weld
  • High speed of execution
  • but an average welding aesthetic.

Especially used for so-called spot welds, thick and fast.The disadvantage is that outdoor work remains difficult. Sold on some site from 390 euros, it is still not give.

Which users for the MIG welding machine?

  • workshop
  • Building site
  • Body

What are the advantages of MIG?

First, the MIG welding machine is equipped with a coil of wire (continuous welding). Thus, the production of welding is much larger. This type of welding machine creates little smoke, which is an advantage over the MMA coated electrode.

What types of welding?

  • Stainless steels
  • C-Mn steels
  • Aluminium alloys
  • Titanium alloy

TIG welding, Tungsten

TIG allows an exceptional welding process that uses:

  • an electric arc
  • a welding electrode
  • An inert gas like argon

TIG welding has the particularity of being executed under inert gas protection with a non-fusible and refractory electrode (tungsten).This process was then called Tungsten Inert Gas in Germany.

TIG welding

It is a very popular machine for companies. Choosing the TIG requires meticulousness, indeed it allows a very precise welding and a very good quality but note that it is very slow. This welding machine is the most exceptional and the most meticulous but it is still the most difficult to master.Note that it offers an admirable welding quality, with the advantage of not deforming the sheets. It is recommended above all to bodywork professionals. Prices vary, ranging from 1000 euros.

Who are TIG users?

  • Boiler
  • Body

What are the advantages of the TIG welding machine?

TIG can weld thin sheets with exceptional weld quality. The metals that can be welded to TIG are:

  • Steel
  • aluminium
  • Copper
  • Plate

The cost of a welding machine

The price of a welding machine depends on many elements such as:

  • its power
  • metal thickness
  • or the type of support (metal) it can weld

The first prices are from 100 euros for the less sophisticated and the most basic.However, they can climb around 300 euros for the most efficient welding machines; See even in some sites it can reach 1000 euros for professionals in general.

The thickness of the metal

It is the diameter of the electrode of the welding station that will give us the maximum thickness of the metal to work.For example, if your MMA welding machine (coated electrode) is equipped with a 1.5 mm electrode then you will only be able to weld a 1 mm part, no more. In this case, the current intensity of your welding machine required for your work will be between 20 and 45 amps.Nevertheless, the use of a welding machine too powerful compared to the thickness of the metal to be welded, may make a hole in your support. Be careful to think carefully before choosing your right position.

What power to use on the welding machine?

It is advisable to use a more or less powerful welding machine depending on the thickness and type of metal that one wants to weld whose indicator is called: duty factor. It indicates the performance for use for about 10 minutes at a temperature of 40 degrees. It is expressed as a percentage at one amperage. Namely that the larger the percentage, the more suitable the welding machine is for very intense uses. Finally, it is considered that a welding machine of 40 to 130 amps and equipped with electrodes of 1.5 to 3.2 mm is the ideal tool for occasional work.

The invention of the welding machine in history

Since the beginning of the 20th century, inventors and engineers have been constantly looking for new technologies to adapt to customer needs and the evolution of materials. The first welding machines appeared between 1881 and 1887 in France, England and the USA. In 1890, metal electrodes were patented by Charles L.Coffin in Detroit, one of the world's steel capitals.

Industrial welding

Where can I find the best MIG welding machine?

The least we can say is that choosing your MIG welding machine is never an easy task… Indeed, with a use of it that can be done on a daily basis, it is essential to turn to the right model of MIG welding machine. However, with many manufacturers constantly distributing new models of welding machines, we could have difficulty finding the rare pearl …

Fortunately, we see that some websites like have taken a very close interest in the different MIG welding machines available. On their website, there is a very complete comparison of the best MIG welding machines of the moment. If some would have chosen to focus only on the selling price, this is not at all the case of this comparator of welding machines MIG.

Indeed, we find all the characteristics of the best MIG welding machines taken into account and studied in every detail. Thus, whether in terms of output power, input voltage, or the technology integrated into the MIG welding machine, everything is done to make your life easier…


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