How can I improve the sound and thermal insulation of my home?

A house must be as comfortable as possible for its inhabitants. And you can't make your home comfortable without thinking about thermal and sound insulation. There are different options available to you to insulate your home from noise and extreme temperatures. Changing windows is one of them. This not only achieves good results, but also brings an aesthetic look to your home. Discover in the rest of the article how to improve sound and thermal insulation by changing your windows by a good craftsman.

Perform a total removal of the window

The total removal consists of the dismantling of the old carpentry and other elements such as the support pieces, opening and frame. Then the new joinery can be installed in place of the previous one. This installation technique makes it possible to have a much more watertight installation. As a result, thermal comfort is further improved. The same applies to sound insulation, which is optimized.

Opting for a total removal of the window also makes it possible to:

  • Gain brightness;
  • Save money on the heating bill;
  • Improve the aesthetics of the house;
  • Have a custom carpentry in perfect harmony with the architecture of the residence …

It should also be noted that its installation may require heavy and long work. You must therefore have a substantial budget. This investment nevertheless guarantees energy savings and a good longevity for the installation. Opt for the company that officiates in the field of installation and installation of shutters and windows in France and Belgium.

Perform a partial removal of the window

During a partial removal of the window, the existing frame is preserved. The only element to change is the carpentry. The choice of the latter must be made with meticulousness, because it must be in perfect adequacy with the frame.

What diagnosis should be made to install a new window

Removed the old window and kept the frame, is a simple technique. But it is imperative to carry out a diagnosis on the old dormant in order to check:

  • If it is wet;
  • If it has deformations or deterioration;
  • If it is free of mold…

Conclusion on the state of the frame, the window support

You must therefore perform a partial removal if and only if the old frame is in perfect condition. It must also be able to support the new carpentry. Installing a carpentry on a fragile frame will result in thermal bridge problems and loss of brightness. It is then necessary to avoid doing so if you really want to improve the sound and thermal insulation of your home. Partial window removal is an inexpensive technique, and the work is done quickly.

The role of glazing in insulating your home

To improve the sound and thermal insulation of your home, you should not neglect the glazing of your windows. Indeed, the insulation of the glass walls makes it possible to improve the energy performance of the house. Like what:

  • The use of double glazing reduces losses by 80% compared to single glazing;
  • Triple glazing or overglazing reduces energy consumption by 15 to 30%;
  • Double sound glazing significantly improves sound insulation, as it influences the perception of external noise…

With a double-glazed window, you can already significantly improve the sound and thermal insulation of your home. Depending on your means, you can choose the window installation method that suits you. However, it is very important to hire a professional to ask for the price double glazed window. This also allows you to benefit from the installation of a window that complies with standards.

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