How to set up attic insulation?

It is not at all easy to set up attic insulation. However, the proper installation of the latter brings the essential comfort to have in a house. If you do not know how to install attic insulation, advice is available. In the following few lines, we then present you in detail all the phases to set up an attic insulation.

The use of an attic insulation professional

The first phase to go through for the installation of attic insulation is to call on a professional in the field. This is the specialist who has knowledge and experience when it comes to attic insulation. You have to choose your professional well for many reasons. Indeed, it has roles to fill when insulating the attic. To find and choose your attic insulation specialist, ask for advice, do research, make comparisons, etc. A professional is first necessary, because he will play a role in checking the house and its roof before starting the insulation work. The house and roof will be subject to careful analysis and diagnosis by the professional. These checks must be carried out to know the condition of the roof previously installed in the house. Thus, we will know the weaknesses of the roof, that is to say the malfunction or destruction of an element of the roof. For example, the malfunction of ventilation. We will also know the assets that the roof has before its renovation. These are the elements to keep and improve to have good roof insulation. All this is essential to ensure better performance for the new installation. It is also necessary to carry out these checks to know what type of roof to be installed. Thus, the professional will find the appropriate technique for the installation of attic insulation. In addition, checks must be carried out to ensure that the work will follow legal standards. Heat balances are the checks to be carried out here. This is the case for thermal inertia, thermal conductivity, thermal resistance and effusivity of materials. These checks will help to ensure comfort and safety in the home after the installation of attic insulation. A professional is also necessary to make a quote of an attic insulation. After all the checks he has done, the professional will have more information on the attic insulation installations to be carried out. He will therefore be able to give a quote to his customers. In the estimate, we will find all the information concerning the work to be done:

  • the steps,
  • possible techniques,
  • the materials to be used, etc.

The quote serves as a reference point to organize and facilitate the work. The estimate is also used to get an idea of the amount to be paid and to be expected to arrange the insulation of the attic in full. We are talking here about the price of materials and labor.

The purchase of materials for attic insulation

One of the phases of the installation of attic insulation is the choice of materials to be used, that is to say insulation. It is not easy to choose the ideal insulation for the installation of attic insulation. There are indeed different types of insulation available on the market. Each of these insulators has their advantages and disadvantages. There are natural insulators or ecological insulators made with the combination of renewable sources. These are the fibers and wools for environmental enthusiasts. These insulators are quite expensive. There are synthetic insulators such as sprayed polyurethanes, polystyrene and foams. Based on petroleum, it is an adequate insulator, more than resistant and affordable. There are mineral insulators including glass, rock and clay wools. They are easy to install with a lower price. There are the new generation of insulation. This is the case for single-wall bricks, aerated concrete, insulating formwork and insulating paint. Improved, an attic insulation will be efficient and practical to install.

The application of the technique of installing attic insulation

Once the preliminary steps have been properly completed, we move on to the choice of the installation technique of the attic insulation. There are two kinds of attic insulation techniques. First, there is the technique for insulating lost attics. There is also the technique for the insulation of convertible attic. The choice of the technique to use depends on all the checks carried out by the professional in the previous steps. He will know without problem what technique to use for such types of attic. The techniques for lost attic insulation branch out into several methods. If the lost attic is accessible, attic insulation is used by installing insulation in rolls. Here, it is recommended to take wool in rolls that will be placed to insulate the floor floor and joists of the roof. If the lost attic is easy to access, attic insulation is used by spreading. Here, the spreading is done with flake insulation and a rake. If the lost attic is difficult to access, the blowing method is the most suitable. The same applies to the insulation of all framing configurations. Attic insulation by blowing consists of blowing insulation into every nook and cranny of the floor using a specific machine. Regarding the insulation of convertible attic, there are only two methods available. These are the methods of installing insulation from the outside or from the inside known to all. These are two different methods with different installation costs and different secondary work. For insulating attics from the outside, the sarking method for traditional frames is more convenient, but much more expensive. The entire roof is removed, rollers or rigid insulation panels are placed on the frame, the entire roof is put back in place. For attic insulation from the inside, cheaper, but less practical, rigid and / or semi-rigid panels are installed between the rafters and the frame.

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