Everything you need to know about setting up a small garden

Small gardens are intimate spaces and require careful thought when choosing the elements and plants of the landscape, as people can admire the entire garden at a glance. But the smallest scale does not mean that the garden is without interest and variety. Too often, garden designers focus too much on trying to expand a small space, rather than exploiting the unique charm of the given space. To help you beautify and perfect your small garden, here are some tips.

Start small and personal

A mass of rudbeckias, a few coneflowers, a vine of morning glory climbing the lamppost and a few whimsical figures combine to create a personal touch. This is a very small front yard and could easily be lost among the other half-timbered houses lining the street. But these owners enjoy a cheerful burst of color, every time they turn into an entrance. In a small garden, long-flowering perennials are the key to lasting interest. This little square garden is the first thing you notice in the house and, as simple as it may be, it makes passers-by smile. It's not a big garden, but it's still kind of imposing. To facilitate maintenance, you can adopt an automatic watering system. The plumber paris is at your disposal to help you achieve it.

Create an alluring space

Even small gardens can use most of the design elements common in large spaces. Good garden design will create a focal point, a destination for eyes and people walking around the garden. You can make a simple backyard into an interesting space with a few modestly sized garden islands. Only, it is necessary to make the right choice of plants, sticking with pastels and gray foliage that complement and mix with each other. You can also design the landscape in such a way that the islands seem to frame an entrance into a larger space. By positioning the garden beds next to the adjacent wooded area, the public woods appear to be part of the garden landscape. Even if there is no path leading beyond the flower beds, people are still standing on the slope to investigate. Contact a plumber paris for plumbing or for plant water drains.

Create harmony between garden and home

If you have a small property, you might think you simply don't have the space for a puffy flower border. But a keen eye is worth more than a double-width lot. The large windows on the gable side of this house are a wonderful architectural element. Small gardens should use all available features, in this case, the attractive architecture of the house. There is already an exceptional feeling in this garden space thanks to the choice of plants: roses, clematis and lavender nepeta help to create this impression. The small tree and overgrown lilac on the left serve as a backdrop for the small garden border and serve to make the space more intimate. By using fairly large clusters of a few varieties of plants, this relatively new garden acquires an appearance of age, maturity and abundance. And because the garden bed is clearly visible through the large windows, the small garden is enlarged by inviting it inside.

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