What is a glazier?

A glazier is a craftsman who works with glass, installs, repairs or replaces it. A glazier shows a very keen sense of discernment. The glazier is required to work in different types of construction, manufacturing, wholesale and retail businesses. Generally the glazier works in his workshop for the preparation and cutting on the sites for the installation and installation of glass.We will find out in which areas do we need a glazier?

The work of the glazier as a rule

The glazier is a glass specialist, he takes the right dimensions, measurements and cuts. He is a building professional specializing in the installation or replacement of glass. He assembles the different elements and installs all the glass products that go into the composition of a building to:

  • Equipping the windows
  • French doors
  • Verandas

and even more… He is responsible for the manufacture of wooden, metal or plastic profiles adapted to different types of glass. It plays an important role in our acoustic and thermal comfort offered by our home, apartment and buildings. It is unthinkable to do without a glazier.

What does the glazier do?

We have already told you in which areas he performs his duties, but do we know exactly what exactly the job of glazier consists of, a profession that requires meticulousness to take into account the following tasks:

  • Using high-precision machines for cutting
  • Choose the type of material (thickness, transparency, opacity)
  • Take exact measurements of the glazing to be placed
  • Assembling glazing and profiles
  • Install patio doors, sliding doors, integrated mirrors, skylights, etc.
  • Taking care of verandas, glass facades

The duty of the glazier!

The glazier must have certain essential qualities. He must be able to erect scaffolding, it must be in his ropes, he must not be subject to vertigo. He knows how to master the standards and techniques of insulation must be part of his many talents. The windows are particularly heavy to carry so it must be in good health during its interventions and of good physical constitution to be able to carry the windows. He is excessively mobile because the vast majority of his time he spends outside his workshop, the majority of his interventions are in the homes of his customers. The origins of the glazier's profession date back more than 1500 years.

When is a glazier used?

It is essential to make a small zoom even if its prerogatives have been mentioned above. His duty is to advise you in the most honest way possible.He will explain the ins and outs of each option that can be done and concerning your work.

Broken glazing to be replaced

The role of the glazier is to inform you about the possible risks that must be adopted for this or that material, and to invite you to know in which situation a glazier should be called. We can give you cases where a glazier is essential:

  • Installation of an overglazing
  • Collecting large glass breaks
  • Broken glass replacement
  • Installation of double glazing, triple glazing, etc.
  • Installation of an aerator
  • Installing a window

At the very beginning, glazing was mainly concerned with simple glasses that it made to measure, marketed and installed. After was born, the mirror, sub-branch of the glazing that took care of the mirrors and which then transformed the glass.This is why today mirroring refers to the trade in building glazing in general and also includes glazing.

Or does the glazier's windows store up?

The glazier stocks the windows safely and efficiently. This avoids the risk of breakage and injury. The materials used for storage must be solid and avoid glass breakage. The racking support must be covered with foam that prevents glass from:

  1. break
  2. scratch
  3. to move
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