House construction: what is a ground plan?

Like many real estate buyers, you have plans to build your home and may even have already chosen your architect or builder. As you are not a building professional yourself, a series of elements and technical terms escape you during your exchanges with your service provider, including the concept of ground plan? Throughout this article, we propose to bring you all the answers to your question, from the definition of the ground plan through its content, its realization and its submission.

What is a ground plan under construction?

Document essential to obtaining the building permit for the construction of a house or to a prior declaration of work, the plan is mass consists of a graphic representation of the building land in the form of an aerial view to know the footprint of the construction. In particular, it ensures that the project presented is perfectly in accordance with urban planning rules, whether national or local. We will thus present a version side of the existing before work, and another presenting the construction project.

What are the rules and obligations regarding the ground plan?

The ground plan is a mandatory document for a new home construction project. Thus, for a building permit, this document will bear the mention PC2 or PCMI2 according to article R431-9 of the Cod of urbanism. This must be accompanied by a cutting plan, a site plan, a plan of the facades and roofs, a description of the construction project, a photo of the land and the street, and a perspective of insertion of the house in its environment. It should be noted that, in the context of a declaration of work, the ground plan is not systematically mandatory. It will be if you enlarge your surface, as for extension work for example, this type of project modifying the footprint of your house and therefore the cadastral representation. In any case, and in order to ensure that your building permit or declaration of work file is complete, it is preferable to include a ground plan with any application.

What is the content of a ground plan?

Much more than a simple graphic representation of the project from a cadastral point of view, the ground plan is a mine of information, listing all the elements necessary for the validation of the project. It is important to note that the ground plan must imperatively be carried out on a scale between 1/50 e and 1/500e. It includes:

  • Existing and future constructions as well as their dimensions,
  • Limitation and fences (walls, low walls, gates …) the land concerned,
  • Access to the land and buildings, any developments (alleys, massifs, terraces …),
  • Trees and planting in place, to be removed or planted,
  • The precise locations of connections to the sewerage, electricity, telephone network…
  • The altitude of the terrain
  • The locations of photographic shots of the field.

Who is in charge of carrying out the ground plan?

It is quite possible for you to carry out your ground plan yourself by making sure to accurately respect all the information and rules required at the risk of seeing your building permit application refused and your house construction project delayed. You can do this by retrieving an accurate cadastral map of your land on the website. However, the stage of the realization of the ground plan requires great precision and real expertise, it is preferable to entrust this task to a seasoned professional. Your architect or builder will usually include this step in his service. Do not hesitate to inquire with your provider to make sure of this or to ask him any questions relating to the realization of the ground plan.

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