What is a cutting disc used for?

A cutting disc is a DIY material and DIY material that is used for the efficient cutting of all types of materials with a long service life. The cutting disc is a steel disc, or fiber, whose exterior is covered with abrasive particles. This hand tool has an abrasive power that rotates through the sprocket and cuts the material by breaking it with its saw blade with high pressure.

However, there are different types of discs to be cut. We find it the grinding disc mainly in hardware.

How to choose the material to be cut

The cutting disc has an intensive hardness for cutting, should not be used to deburr or grind as many do-it-yourselfers think they do to avoid changing discs every time! It is important to inquire about the good match of the abrasive with the cut of the material envisaged and to work with the right tool. The EN 12413 STANDARD AND THE DGCCRF DECREE OF 25 FEBRUARY 2003 INFORM YOU ABOUT THE POINTS OF COMPLIANCE versatile and the responsibilities of abrasive disc manufacturers. The disc to be cut is composed of:

  • Aluminium oxide
  • Zirconium
  • Ceramic grain
  • Silicon carbide
  • Corundum
  • Resins
  • Glass canvas

Resin and fiberglass are used to safely agglomerate dedicated abrasives. The grinder consists of abrasives of multiple nature and agglomerated with a resin binder and canvased with glass wool for more resistance. In addition, a metal hub calibrated to the diameter of the disc shaft reinforces the disc at this level.

The criteria of the disc to be cut

The criteria to be taken into account when choosing a cutting disc for materials are:

  • The outer diameter of the disc to be cut, established in millimeters everything will depend on the capacity of the chainsaw
  • The diameter of the bore in millimeters, for the drive axis to each model of chainsaw.
  • The material used by the chainsaw, will then conclude the material that constitutes the metal disc and the abrasive coating distributed around the circumference.

Multi function cutting materials:

  • Wood, shrubs (woodworking)
  • Concrete, tiles, brick, cinder block, stone, granite, plaster, slabs
  • Stainless steel, fibres, stainless steel, alloys, plastic, sheet metal, irons

Disc materials:

  • Steel disc
  • Fiber disk

The rotating diamond disc is used with solid rim or segmented rim, and depending on the material used covered with industrial diamond particles everything will depend on the material to be cut.

Disc for cutting metal

What are the different types of chainsaw discs?

We distinguish three types of chainsaw discs: Solid rim disc, Segmented disc, Multi-tooth disc. The disc with solid rim or continuous crown, is used for all hard materials requiring careful cutting, its crown perimeter is uniform. The segmented disc or segmented crown , is ideal for cutting hard and porous materials and of course reinforced concrete. Its crown is placed in separate segments between them. The multi-toothed disc , is useful for wood and trees, its crown is equipped with teeth up to 120 teeth, with a speed of rotation and vibration that cuts wood or shrubs like a real saw. Discs are needed for log saws and brushcutters. Others can be used dry or water depending on the material used for diamond cutting discs or diamond grinding wheels. The diamond tool possessed a pictogram to be respected imperatively. The disc to be cut must be served with water for water tiles, floor cutters … etc. It guarantees precise cutting without tearing particles from the cutting edge. For dry or groove tiles the cutting disc can be used dry only. It gives a less sharp effect for particles at the cutting edge and a less sharp finish.

Which material to cut?

There are different types of materials on the market for cutting:

  • Concrete chainsaw
  • Metal chainsaw
  • Stone chainsaw
  • Wood chainsaw

Circular saw wood


There are many models of engines for cutting:

  • Thermal with internal combustion engine
  • Mains electrical
  • Battery-powered wireless electric
  • Pneumatic

Cutting systems

We distinguish two cutting models:

  • Cutting disc
  • Chainsaw chain

Storage tips for cutting machine

If you want to keep your cutting discs at hand. This DIY equipment must be stored in its storage box or in a toolbox to avoid any risk of loss or injury.

Tool box

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