Schuco or Reynaers: which is the best brand in aluminium chassis?

A great reputation is what inspires high-quality products, such as Schuco and Reynaers. Both brands have exceptional customer service. And their professionalism is well established. Using only the best aluminum frame systems in aluminum window manufacturing, Schuco and Reynaers ensure an excellent level of service. Always with the aim of offering customers a wide range of high quality products. We have tested in collaboration with many suppliers. And this as an independent aluminum professional over the past three decades. Test on the sound and thermal insulation of the frames, design, ergonomics of the windows, robustness, quality of customer service… It is indeed that we took Reynaers as one of our suppliers of aluminum systems, but this was after careful study. In other words, we have conducted a rigorous study of our options. In order to unquestionably choose the best brand of aluminum frame for window installation.


The brand to choose in aluminum: Reynaers or Schüco

To make sure you have the best aluminum window supplier, it's a good idea to compare it with another supplier as reputable as it is. This is the case of Schüco and Reynaers which are very close in terms of aluminum chassis quality. Moreover, they have many products with exactly the same characteristics as well as innovative and efficient aluminum systems. However, we must admit that the choice was quite difficult, but the one that ended up being more adapted to our needs was Reynaers. Reynaers folding doors, for example, have surpassed Schüco alternatives. Indeed, the two-leaf folding doors offered by Reynaers offer a choice of four thresholds unlike those of Schüco which offer two. Customers therefore have much more choice, a crucial point for our study.

Veranda made using Reynaers aluminium chassis

On the other hand, a wider range of fittings accompanies Reynaers double pleats compared to those from Schüco. Once again, customer tests named reynaers as a better choice. Of course, the quality of the products offered by Schüco is excellent, but our choices ultimately fell on Reynaers.

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