5 solutions to protect your home

To protect his home, there is no shortage of means. This goes from the good habits to adopt until the implementation of security system. Everything will depend on your budget, the use you will make of it and the degree of security you want. In any case, with technological advances, you are currently spoilt for choice when it comes to solutions to secure your home. Discover below the 5 best solutions.

1-Protect valuables

To prevent your home from becoming a target, it is best to start by putting all your valuables in a safe place. To do this, you have the option of placing them in a safe at the bank or having a safe installed at home. For added security, choose to place your valuables in the bank. It is indeed the most economical solution because the implementation of a safe at home represents a fairly substantial investment.

2-Secure the sensitive points of your home

According to studies, 40% of burglars enter your home through the door. Therefore, it would be time to protect yourself from burglaries by strengthening the security of your doors and windows. For doors, the shielding system is the simplest and most effective solution. Being equipped with a door block, your door opening will be able to withstand all forms of attacks and resist intrusion attempts. Armoured doors are appreciated for their reliability and their infallible level of protection. When it comes to your windows, you have the choice between installing metal curtains or burglar-proof glass.

3- Installation of an alarm system

Alarm systems are extremely efficient contrary to popular belief. According to statistics, 95% of its presence helps to discourage criminals. Seeing the system, they get scared and decide to give up. And for good reason, the alarm is able to detect suspicious movements in windows, doors or glazing. As a result of this, she will set off a loud siren and inform the homeowners by voice call or message. For information, alarm systems exist in different types: sound system, infrared motion detector, etc.

surveillance camera

4-Implementation of presence simulator

Generally, burglars only act once the house is empty to avoid falling on the owners. To this end, it would be wise to simulate your presence at home in such a way that burglars think you are at home. For this, you can install a programmer that will take care of turning on and off the television, the lighting system and the radio in your living rooms. With this in mind, also consider hiring someone to take care of the maintenance of your lawn and the recovery of your mail in case you decide to go on vacation.

5-Install surveillance cameras

For added security, you can pair your alarm with a surveillance camera system. It is the assurance of being able to keep a constant eye on the property even in case of long absence. For small budgets, the dummy camera is an interesting solution. It is used to deceive criminals and deter them from taking action. In terms of choice, Foscam surveillance cameras are precisely to be preferred because of their quality and authenticity.

Small bonus, here is a sixth tip to secure your home.

6-Use a security company

If you live in Paris or in the Paris region, in a pavilion, villa or apartment. It is possible to use a security company Paris. For example, you can ask for a round security guard whose mission is to carry out patrols, kinds of patrols on foot and in vehicles. These security guards monitor your home and can intervene or call law enforcement in case of problems.Paris Security Officer

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