How to install an air conditioner?

You have made the choice to install air conditioning but now you are wondering but how to install it? And which air conditioning system to choose? Between fixed air conditioner, wall air conditioner, mobile air conditioner or reversible air conditioning we lose our mind! We will manage together to help you with the installation of an air conditioner, and avoid the inconvenience of the installation. Air conditioning is also called Split air conditioning, it is reversible and regulates the indoor temperature both in summer and winter. 

Delivery and Installation of air conditioning

Unlike ready-to-install mobile air conditioning, each fixed air conditioning equipment has a refrigerant gas load. Through the refrigerated house it ensures your thermal comfort both in heating mode and to cool the rooms. We find this configuration as well for:

  • Mono-split air conditioners
  • Bi-split air conditioners
  • Tri-split air conditioners.

Each of its fluids has an impact on the degradation of the ozone layer. To limit the risks, pressurizing your heating and cooling system must be entrusted to a professional air conditioning installer. You are free to make a free quote. The installation of the air conditioner, whether it is a Mitsubishi Electric, NEC or Daikin air conditioner, requires compliance with the procedures for refrigeration connections for air conditioners. Regardless of the air conditioning chosen, all Toshiba cassettes or Hitachi units are guaranteed regardless of the installation mode. This is also the case for:

  • air conditioners without outdoor group
  • Mobile air conditioners

The call of a professional for the installation assures you for more than 5 years:

  • Commissioning from A to Z
  • Manufacturer's warranty
  • After-Sales Services
  • Supply and installation
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Maintenance contract

The steps for the installation of the air conditioner

To install a reversible air conditioner, start with the administrative procedures. If it is an individual or collective dwelling, it is important to make a declaration and an agreement of the owner or the sign. This is legally necessary. The installation of the two-block device necessarily involves the modification of the facade insofar as the second is fixed inside the building or house. A declaration to the town hall of your city before carrying out work on the façade.

Air conditioning outdoor compressor

The study of the location

The study of the installation is essential to guarantee the functionality of the device and comfort in all rooms. Due to the 2 blocks that compose it, the device can not be put anywhere. But it must be put in a location away from pipes and cables. To agree on the best location for your air conditioner respect these 4 tips from professionals:

  • The layout of the room
  • The interior configuration of the room
  • Exterior configuration
  • Air quality

The outdoor unit must be placed at a minimum distance of 6 m from the vicinity. In addition, in the case of a heat pump, 10 m must separate the air conditioner at the neighbor's property.

A brief reminder of the law on noise pollution and noise level

According to Article R 1334-31 of the Public Health Code, "noise can be considered as a noise nuisance if it is repetitive, intensive and long".  So unless your air conditioner is silent, know that it emits noise disturbances likely to disturb the neighborhood.

The thermal comfort of the air conditioner

It is not recommended to install the reversible air conditioning at your height or above your bed, sofa or table, you risk that it constantly blows in your face. So think of a distance of 2m above the ground for an even distribution of air inside each room for ambient air.

Illustration of air conditioning at home

For interior configuration:

  • Avoid fragile supports unable to support the weight of the device
  • Avoid supports that do not overlook the outside that would risk a connection with the second block that does not agree
  • Away the air conditioner from electrical appliances and all hot springs

 For the exterior configuration it is simpler think of:

  • A secluded location
  • Inaccessible by the way.
  • Fix it in a shaded corner away from the sun's rays.

The price of installing an air conditioning system

Plan between 1200 to 8000 euros for the purchase and installation of a reversible air conditioning home. It is for this very expensive price that individuals launch themselves by their own means to install it.

Install a ready-to-install air conditioner

We advise you to follow its steps in order to successfully install:

  • Drill the wall
  • Insert the ankles
  • Attach the bracket
  • Drill the hole to insert the connecting pipe
  • Continue drilling to the outside view
  • Slide the cable
  • Place the drain pipes in the hole
  • Make another hole in the ground
  • Place the ankles there
  • Install the outer block with screws
  • Connect electrical wires and piping
  • Attach the inner block
  • Plug in the device

Take a test, plug in the energized air conditioner and analyze its operation. The absence of a leak confirms that you have successfully installed.

Tightening air conditioning hose gas R410A

Install a reversible air conditioner

Let's start with the indoor unit:

  • Attach the mounting plate to a horizontal location
  • Hole the wall to facilitate the connection between the inner block and the outer block
  • Insert the flexible flange into the hole
  • Connect the air conditioner hose after checking for more
  • Install electrical wires
  • Install water drains
  • Attach the block

Follow with the installation of the unit of the outer block:

  • Pour a concrete slab on the receiving surface of the block
  • Make sure the slab is horizontal
  • Glue the rubber pads to the support
  • Place the block on the pads
  • Connect electrical wires and drain pipes.

Finally, try your air conditioner , you have succeeded like a professional, if everything works well and there is no water leak.

air conditioner with remote control

Reversible air conditioning for thermal comfort in all seasons

The choice of air conditioning system is very important for comfort in living rooms and for energy saving. Reversible air conditioning is among the most popular. This device is not limited to softening the temperature inside your home when the one outside is high. Like a heat pump, this device provides a heating mode during the winter period.

Reversible air conditioning consists of an outdoor unit that has the function of recovering calories from the outside air and storing it in calorific liquid. Several elements ensure the pressure change namely the compressor, the evaporator, the expansion valve and the condenser. Hot air is then diffused into your living rooms through the indoor module of the reversible air conditioning.

In summer, the outdoor unit of the unit rejects warm air into your living rooms. The indoor module blows fresh air to soften the ambient temperature.

You have the choice between a monobloc, mono-split or multi-split reversible air conditioner. It depends on the number and dimensions of the rooms to be heated in your home.

Entrust the installation of your reversible air conditioner to a professional in the field. This is to ensure the proper functioning of the device, for the after-sales service and for the regular maintenance of the device over several consecutive years.

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