How is bed bug disinfection done?

A bed bug is an insect of the creeping family that comes out at night, but sometimes walks during the day if their populations increase. Bedbugs are flattened insects with an oval shape. It gives skin irritations after their bites. Let's discover together how the disinfection of bed bugs that plague your home.

How to recognize a bed bug?

To recognize bed bugs (Cimex lectularius), you have to be dexterous. Bed bugs are visible directly. They are insects with oval shapes, which love human blood on which they feed only.

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Bedbugs take advantage of sleep to operate. The more adult ones usually have a brown or dark brown color if they are filled with blood. Bed bugs are not flying insects. They lay whitish eggs, as big as the head of a pin and difficult to identify. By the way, bedbugs live mainly in bedrooms. The greater the infection in a room, the more the spread continues. A single bedbug present can be enough to contaminate an entire building. This is why it is necessary to disinfect bed bugs, the first time we notice their presence. Indeed, these bedbugs hide in many places such as on sheets, box springs and mattresses. Bedbugs should not be confused with some other insects whose bites give pimples.

How to disinfect bed bugs?

Getting rid of bedbugs is not easy, you need experts specialized in the treatment against bedbugs and adequate materials. Mechanical control is as important as chemical control. Bed bugs are not results of uncleanliness or lack of hygiene. These insects love blood and are only interested in it. For mechanical control, it will require materials such as, vacuum cleaner, cleaner, plastic bags, flashlight, adhesive strips, washing machine, freezer, dryer. However, scattering must be avoided. Thus, for chemical treatment, it is necessary to spray the premises, it is therefore necessary to call on For health, it is necessary to avoid resorting to insecticides either. All areas, furniture, textiles and clothing infected with bedbugs should be treated. Mechanical treatment is really essential, it must complement chemical treatment. It is an economic treatment. Bedbugs do not like hot and cold, so you have to vacuum, heat the place, wash all the clothes, dry them, iron them and also put the objects that can withstand the cold from the freezer to the freezer. After chemical treatment by company agents, do not immediately return to the site, and once on site, ventilate the intervention area and the entire building if possible. Bedbugs do not carry diseases, but can cause skin problems, that is, skin infections that often result from irritation. It is therefore important to get rid of it.

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