What professional equipment for restoration?

To have a restaurant we necessarily go through the choice of quality professional kitchen equipment according to your needs, and the type of your restaurant. To advise you in the search for these items, they will be placed below in different categories that you will find in store.


The guide to professional kitchen equipment


First of all, some elements are linked either to a particular type of restaurant or to a food profession. You will find advice on the choice of professional kitchen equipment for a "bakery", for a "butcher", a "hotel" but also for a "pizzeria" or for any other "fast food restaurant".

These categories will be based mainly on the basic equipment to have for a bar-restaurant for example. We advise you on the choice of your professional coffee machine through the choice of a professional stainless steel table.

We have placed these categories that will apply to any type of restaurant as well as to thebasic equipment to obtain in its professional kitchen. Wondering which professional oven to choose? or which wash to choose? Or what utensils for cooking your dishes? You want to take over or open a restaurant but it's not such a simple matter. Between the concept to be defined, the budget, or finding your local it will require a lot of work and investment. You are probably wondering how to cook in good conditions? Thanks to our small detailed list we will achieve this together. We are here to help you, and guide you by listing the essential elements, in any professional kitchen and after that you will find the categories in store for the sale of catering equipment.

Storage side:

In order to store your food you will need positive or negative refrigerated cabinets or a cold room. A worktop with a stainless steel table or Saladette Refrigerated. To store your dishes or product you will need stainless steel shelves

The preparation

The Gastros Trays will allow you to prepare your dishes easily. -For the cutting of your vegetables or to chop or make mousses, creams, a Robot Cut Combine will be decisive. -a Mandolin or French fries -For the realization of all your juices, soup .. etc a Blender is required! -A Plunge Blender -A slicer to facilitate you in cutting charcuterie and others. -A Mixer Mixer for any preparation -A vacuum machine to preserve your food or simply vacuum your food for the kitchen

The kitchen

-A stove and a cooker according to your type of restaurant that you choose -A mixed or convection oven is the essential -A microwave oven to heat your dishes or thaw … etc


-A fryer Utensils like pots, pans, knife … etc -A hood would be ideal when you own a restaurant -A panini grill for all kinds of sandwiches -The marmitte


-A hand wash -A glass washer to wash in record time -A dish for all bulky utensils that do not go to the dishwasher Finally all these kitchen elements and utensils ARE ESSENTIAL for your preparations. They will allow you to work in good conditions and make your restaurant a success! Ask a kitchen designer for help if necessary.

Categories of Professional Equipment for In-Store Catering

Refrigerated cabinets.

  • Cabinets Snack stainless steel door
  • GN stainless steel cabinets
  • Glass door cabinets
  • Fish and ice cabinets
  • Mini cabinets and display cases
  • Stainless steel pastry cabinets

Cooking Equipment

Restaurant cooking equipment

  • Planchas Snack plates
  • Poultry roasters
  • Stoves
  • Fryers on feet
  • Bench or counter fryers
  • Electric pizza ovens


  • Cooling cell
  • Refrigerated tables
  • Salads
  • Icemakers
  • Refrigerated display cases
  • Cold buffets
  • Freezer


  • Glass washers
  • Dishwashers
  • Hooded dishwasher
  • Battery washer
  • Water softeners
  • Degreasing machines


  • Convection humidifier
  • Mixed ovens Steam or Humidifier
  • Pastry oven
  • Microwave ovens
  • Pizza ovens
  • GAS ovens
  • Growing chambers Ovens

Culinary preparation

  • Mixers
  • Potato peelers
  • Mixer Mixer
  • Vacuum Conservation
  • Rolling mills
  • Slicers

Stainless steel furniture

  • Stainless steel work tables
  • Stainless steel dives
  • Wall cupboards
  • Tables on cupboard
  • Tables on heated cupboard
  • Custom stainless steel furniture
  • Carts

Staff hygiene

  • Protection Covid19
  • Floor markings
  • Easel
  • Protection Counters Desks Tables
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