What are the criteria to consider when choosing your pellet boiler?

The pellet boiler is the centerpiece that intervenes for the heating of the house. Among the multitude of heating systems that exist, the pellet one is found in a variety of models. To be sure to make the best choice, it is advisable to base yourself on specific criteria. Discover them through this article.

The power

The heating power which relates to the amount of heat that is produced is an essential criterion in the choice of pellet boiler. The goal is not to orient you towards a model with the highest power, but to choose the power that complies with the heating needs of your home. This varies depending on the amount of rooms you have to heat, the insulation of the house, the number of people who live there and who use hot water. When you overestimate the power of your appliance, you will have to make an unnecessary purchase and if you underestimate it, the boiler will consume more energy than it takes. The determination of these parameters is usually done by professionals.

The dimensions of the dwelling

Before choosing the pellet boiler, it is essential that you take into account the dimensions of the housing in which you want to install it. At the same time, take the time to do a thermal study of the house by calling on a specialized agency. In case you can't, at least take the time to estimate your real heating needs. At the base of this, you can take advice from a professional installer. To do this, make sure you have the size of the space and the volume to be heated. Also have an idea of your current heating consumption and domestic hot water heating. Also find out about the equipment you have currently installed in the dwelling concerned and information on the insulation of the latter.


Efficiency is related to the ratio of the heat the boiler emits and the energy it consumes. It is expressed in percent and actually determines the energy efficiency and consumption of the device. When the efficiency is high, the energy bill will be lower.

pellets that burn in the wood stove

Energy production is indeed greater when combustion is complete. With the advancement of technology, there are pellet boiler models that are efficient and have a low impact on the environment. The criterion of choice of performance in addition to having no influence on the performance of this heater also has an impact on eligibility for the tax credit.

The label

The label is a technical description of the heating system that should not be neglected when choosing a pellet boiler. Among the technical information, you will have to see the logo of the green flame label. It is the latter that attests to the quality of the materials used for the manufacture of the heater. Thanks to this, you have a guarantee of the durability of the boiler and its performance. The 7-star green flame models are the ones that are currently in vogue.

pellets made from wood

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