How to install your synthetic grass easily?

Today, more and more people have decided to invest in synthetic turf and want to lay it themselves. We will give you all the tips to achieve a perfect pose and thus obtain an aesthetic space.

The different installation steps:

To achieve a perfect pose, it is important to follow the right method and the right steps. For this, we will give you all our advice. First of all, you need to carry out the preparation of the ground. If you are laying on a slab, you simply need to clean the surface you are going to develop. No further soil preparation is necessary before laying your synthetic grass. Conversely, for laying on land, the work is a little more complex. All weeds must be removed. For this, it is recommended to use a brushcutter and an organic weed killer to eliminate all weeds. Once your soil is cleared, you can place your sand. Be sure to choose the right model of sand so that it compacts properly; TP 0.4 – 0.6 limestone. Use a vibrating plate to compact it deeply. Pull everything to the mason's ruler, this will allow you to give the desired undulating for more realism. The last step in soil preparation is to put a layer of geotextile on the sand. This product prevents the regrowth of weeds that could cross the fabric of the grass through drainage holes. That's it, your floor is ready to welcome your synthetic grass. You can arrange your turf strips, make the cuts in peripheries as well as the fittings using adhesive junction strips. Fix everything with nails every 30 cm. For installation on slab, fix your synthetic grass with a special glue. Your synthetic grass is finally laid, all you have to do is enjoy it. Do not hesitate to search for tutorials on Youtube or installation guides in order to be able to see, visually, all the steps to be carried out and get the best advice.

Cleaning your synthetic grass:

For optimal results, you can use a synthetic grass suction brush. This will straighten the fiber of your synthetic grass while thoroughly cleaning it. Once your synthetic grass is installed, you can apply a suction brush to immediately straighten the grass fiber. It can also be passed once or twice a year to give your synthetic grass a facelift. For small areas, you can use a roadman's broom to straighten your fiber but also a jet of water to remove the dust that settles over time. Rain is a great solution to remove dust naturally. Synthetic grass therefore appears to be the ideal flooring to gain in comfort of life and obtain a green and clean outdoor space all year round without any constraints!

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